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With a credit card you can pay at shops, online stores, restaurants, hotels and much more all over the world. The card has a certain credit limit, which allows you to ‘borrow’ money on your card. But often there are also a number of other benefits of a credit card.

Many companies offer credit cards with CashBack or other advantageous bonus schemes. This way you can save a lot of money in your everyday life every time you use your credit card. Read more about credit cards with CashBack here and be wiser, what it really is.


Credit card with cashback

Credit card with cashback

A large number of companies and banks offer credit cards with CashBack. The most popular credit card with CashBack comes from Re: member, which offers discounts at more than 200 online stores and a wide variety of different restaurants. They have unlimited CashBack, which means there is no upper limit on how much you can save on your merchandise purchases.

Other popular cards with CashBack are Itano Bank Visa, MasterCard from Compete Bank and Visa card from YaSave Bank. Feel free to research the individual credit cards to see where you can get the most benefits. The best choice depends on your habits and needs.


Forms of cashback by credit card

credit card

CashBack means you get money back when you pay with your credit card. You will not receive a direct discount on your purchase, but the credit company will subsequently refund a certain percentage of the amount to you. It is therefore the bank and not the dealer that gives you the discount.

You can get CashBack on a wide variety of different products and services. This applies to, among other things, online shopping, when you buy clothes, shoes, travel, electronics, furniture and much more. It can also be CashBack on fuel, saving you money on gasoline or diesel for your car.

It is also popular to offer it in restaurants and eateries, so you can invite friends or family out for a cheaper dinner. You do not have to ask for the discount when you have a credit card with CashBack. The money will be automatically returned to you by your bank.


Get money back when you shop

Get money back when you shop

CashBack differs from bonus schemes and points in that you get the money directly into the account. So you do not earn points, which you can subsequently use for something else. Instead, you get a discount on your purchases, and you can spend the money on exactly what you want. Bonus schemes often limit what you can spend on your money. For example, you can earn points when you buy a flight with your credit card. You can then use these points to get a discount on your next flight. But with CashBack you have complete freedom to spend the money, as you please.

Many companies have a certain limit on how much money you can get back over a year. However, some companies, such as Re: member, offer unlimited CashBack. No matter what the company offers, you can save a lot of money on buying back goods, travel, restaurants and much more.

Examine the market to see which credit cards with CashBack are available. You can certainly find a credit card, which suits your needs perfectly, so you can save a lot of money each year. Remember, you can always apply for a free and non-binding credit card.

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